Armbian OS

Armbian OS is a Debian Linux and Ubuntu Linux based computer operating system for ARM development boards, such as a Pi based system and ARM based TV boxes. The following guides step through the process of getting it up and running on an Android TV box, along with some useful procedures/methods for Pi based systems.

These guides are written with the Ubuntu variant of Armbian OS, however, the processes remain the for both, but you may need to adapt some of the commands used to the Debian version.

  • Hardware you need.
  • Software/Downloads.


  • Steps to image your SD Card/USB stick from a Windows PC.
  • Installing onto your TV Box.


  • Issues booting from an SD Card or USB Stick.


  • What are the uEnv.ini and extlinux.conf files fo
  • Editing the files and picking the right DTB.
  • What should the files look like?
  • Why cant I boot off emmc internal storage?
  • Installing onto emmc/NAND – The internal hard drive of the TV box.
  • LOST.DIR, System Volume Information and Android folders cause problems booting off eMMC/NAND.
  • My box wont boot/is a brick what do I do?
  • Getting the system recovered notes.
  • Performing the recovery.
  • How to backup your SD card to an image file with CloneZilla.
  • How to create your image file
  • How to restore your image file
  • How to backup you eMMC via the Graphical User Interface.
  • How to backup you eMMC via Command line/Terminal.
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