Armbian OS – Requirements

Basic Requirements

To get a basic working Armbian server, you only need to follow this guide, between 20 to 40 minutes depending on your speed. In this example setup, Ill be using a MeCool M8S PRO w (4x cores, 2GB ram), though the procedure and information in here is relevant for all TV boxes.

Different box’s vary in capabilities/support, however with the MeCool M8S PRO w, you have to plug it in via a network cable and run the OS off an SD card or USB stick. The Bluetooth and WiFi dont work at time of writing. 

Hardware you will need
  • MeCool M8S Pro W (or box of your choice…after researching which ones work).
  • A Windows PC/Laptop.
  • A micro SD card OR USB memory sick (16GB or larger recommended)
  • A way to plug that SD card into your Windows computer to image the Armbian OS onto it.
  • A Cat 5 LAN cable to plug it into your Router/Switch/Network port.

Do you want to install the OS to the on board storage? You will only see the option to install Armbian to eMMc/NAND memory if you are running from an SD Card and NOT a USB stick.

Do you want to UPS protect your device from power outages etc? Most of these Android TV boxes support being powered from one of the USB ports and the main power socket simultaneously too if you like. Im not claiming all support this feature, look for OTG support on the box’s specifications. The RAVPOWER RP-PB078 is a battery pack for charging USB devices like phones, though its special trick, is that it is like an online UPS style device, meaning it can be both charging its battery and powering your device at the same time. So, if your power cuts out, this battery pack will keep powering your TV Box through the USB port (or you can buy a USB to 5v adapter cable if you like and use the main power port). Obviously run time varies depending on what your box is doing but you can expect anything from 1 hour up to 9 hours.

  • Armbain OS from here
  • Win32DiskImager from here
  • Notepad++ from here

Armbian Tech Guides

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